Easifit Combi PressPlate

Welcome to the new Easifit Combi Pressplate from Dad-tech, have a look at the before and after pictures below. Does the first resemble what you presently have outside your house at the back of your central Heating boiler? If the answer is yes, which one do you prefer?

We think your answer will be the picture on the right.

This pressure relief plate not only looks neater, it is also safer!

Why you may ask? Because the pipe that is presently protruding from your wall is the overpressure relief pipe for your boiler and if for any reason the pressure in the boiler rises, the pressure relief valve that is built into your boiler will open, and could discharge hot water out of the pipe on the outside of your wall, and unless this has been fitted correctly, (many have not) there is the real risk of scalding people who may be passing by, or children playing outside, or even pets!

The Easifit combi plate has been designed for easy fitting, to either new, or existing installations, simply apply silicone seal on the back of the plate and place over the pipe. 

We do recommend screwing it to the wall as well to give extra safety.

Once fitted the Combi Pressplate will guarantee that any water coming out of this pipe will be directed in a safe manner, other benefits include :

  • Prevents water and insects getting into the wall area around the pipe
  • Helps protect the wall from water dripping from the pipe
  • Much less likely to freeze in colder weather
  • Deters copper pipe theft
  • Covers up any damage from drill “breakout” to the brickwork
  • And of course, looks a lot neater!