A burst pipe, whether it is caused by the freezing cold weather, or by a nail/screw being accidentally  driven into the pipe while doing DIY for instance, can cause many thousands of pounds worth of damage. In cases where a burst pipe has occurred and the owner is out of the house the damage rapidly mounts up with no-one to shut off the water supply.

There is then the issue of whether the home owner / occupier is insured, the time delays in sorting out claims, potentially having to move out while repairs are carried out, the loss of sentimental items, photographs, letters etc, that cannot be replaced.

The average, insurance claim for a household flood is estimated at around £7,000. ( source : Direct Line )

Solution  - The Burst-Off system

The concept of the system is simple

If no one is in, the water is not on!

But the system is more "intelligent" than that as it doesn't just shut down the water supply when the property is unoccupied.

The Burst-Off is a system that monitors the flow of water through the mains. The flow of water is categorised as either :

"Authorised" - a person is in the room in the house where water is flowing and therefore the system allows water to flow, or it is

"Unauthorised" - there is a flow of water and no person is present in the room therefore the water flow will be shut off and an alarm will sound and / or a text be sent to the householder.

The Burst-Off system has been developed that it can determine that water flow is for an appliance which may be unattended e.g. a washing machine a dishwasher, and if they are calling for water, then the system will allow the flow of water.

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